Stax Talks on Imposter Syndrome
Stax Talks on Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Even while writing this imposter syndrome thoughts are going through my mind.

You are not alone in the fight. Imposters are everywhere. You have to learn the difference between actual imposters and the rest of us who are tripping them.

Imagine this scenario

  • You finished a Harward course for computer science;
  • You have a certification that says you’re a computer science engineer;
  • Stax reaches out to you for a website idea he has;
  • You hope Stax doesn’t have any challenging ideas cause you know you won’t be able to pull it out;
  • If Stax has simple ideas, you will make the project a success and earn money while doing it.

This scenario in different shapes has been haunting all of us for the longest of times.

You must realize that you will not move forward without practicing fire touches now and then.

If you do not push yourself into the fire now and then, how will you know you can be a phoenix? ( Don’t take me literally).

Personal story

I have worked at the same company for the past four years. Four years ago, I would personally fire myself as I didn’t consider myself worthy of the salary I was receiving for the work I was producing.

After my first year of working full-time – I still felt the same. I was wrapping up websites per design, and all concerns were met. I wasn’t a bad employee, BUT I felt my contribution benefited everyone except myself.

I wasn’t learning enough to be secure. I wouldn’t ever go without a job.

Two years after my full-time job, I got introduced to a new project where the technology used was something I’d heard of but never went into depth a lot.

I felt it would end at the company, and my fear of being fired was finally on the docket.

That wasn’t the case.

Two years after that moment, here I am. I learned more than expected SIMPLY because I allowed others to throw me into the fire pit and learn how to walk on my toes.

You thinking you are not smart enough for the job you’re performing may be correct. You need fire. You need to see how useful you can be and how deep your interest in getting something working can go.

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