Hey, I’m Stefan; freely call me Stax.

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Primarily I would like to welcome you to my world. This website will reflect my life with all its struggles, solutions to various questions, programming tutorials, business ideas, successful projects, less successful projects, and more.

My value as a person reflects in how many solutions I can find for other people. Disagree? shout at me here or manually ( https://staxtalks.com/about-me ).

Below you will find a set of sections showcasing my Blogs, Projects I’ve worked on, Affiliate links, and frequently asked questions and answers.

Website StaxTalks has been made from the ground up by myself; therefore, if you encounter any issues, please let me know so I can patch them up and allow other users to have a smoother experience.


I’ve started writing articles regarding anxiety, habits, and programming. Let me know what you think about them. Tell me how I can improve.


Kick imposter syndrome out, immediately

You are not alone in the fight. Imposters are everywhere. You have to learn the difference between a ...


Non-Smoker Identity

A Swedish friend of mine, on one occurrence, said: “Nah, man, screw that cancer speed-run.R ...


Finding value in anxiety

Anxiety has always been there, but often it really slips up into our daily routine interrupting our ...


Hand-picked projects which I worked on throughout the globe.


ELSIA Alliance

The European Laudato Si’ Alliance (ELSiA) is a network of Catholic organizations working together ...



EMS is a platform that delivers free medical courses to your fingertips. Pass IMAT exam today by usi ...


Community Platform Thriving Stockwell

Platform built to install healthy habits into communities in and around London’s boroughs. Fre ...

Tools I use to scale my business.

All tools listed here are tools I’m actively paying for. I will never recommend something that I am not using myself.

CapCut [2022]

CapCut, free subtitles, video transitions, and covers for your next video. No hidden cost. ...

Hostinger [2022]

The most reliable hosting company I’ve tried so far. ...

Frequently asked questions.

Questions I’ve gathered over the time to save you some time.

If I would need a free website, how can I get in touch with you?

Head over to the contact page and drop me an email.

How long did it take you to build your website?

So far I’ve been at it for 6 months; it will take another 4 months or so to fully integrate my ideas into it. Refer to this for full roadwork.

How do you build a online store in a week?

Hey Bro, for such questions please visit my contact page so we can schedule a meeting.